Kershaw Cinder Pocket Knife, brand new for $7.22 at Amazon
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amazon has Kershaw Cinder Pocket Knife, 1025X brand new for $7.22

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Latest Prices $9.89 brand new walmart 3/27/2020-1:24:55 PM $7.22 brand new amazon 3/27/2020-1:24:56 PM
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Name Kershaw Cinder Pocket Knife, 1025X
Brand Kershaw
model 1025X
UPC 087171044514
MSRP $9.89
Lowest Price $7.22
Highest Price $10.71
Description Kershaw’s Cinder is a perfect everyday carry for anyone in need of a non-threatening cutting edge, capable of fitting on a keychain. The Cinder’s small stature is capable of most simple daily cutting tasks from opening packages to breaking down cardboard boxes. Designed by custom knifemaker Rick Hinderer and precision manufactured by Kershaw, the Cinder is built for performance and real-world practicality. The 1.4” blade’s upswept tip offers plenty of useful cutting edge. The grip is designed so a hand can come past the pivot point, enabling a sturdy three-finger grip on the knife. The handle is textured glass-filled nylon to enhance grip while the blade’s rugged stonewashed finish hides scratches and fingerprints. The secure locking liner features cut-out embellishments revealed by the design of the handle scale, making manual-opening and closing easier. The lanyard hole allows easy attachment to a key chain or pack, while a sturdy bottle opener finishes the knife’s practical design.
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