Panasonic eneloop "C" Spacers 4 Pack brand new for $10.07 + shipping is $5.99
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walmart has Panasonic eneloop “C” Spacers 4 Pack brand new for $10.07 + shipping is $5.99

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Latest Prices $10.07 brand new walmart 5/13/2020-5:28:09 PM
Name Panasonic eneloop "C" Spacers 4 Pack
model BQ-BS2E4SA
UPC 073096902305
MSRP $11.76
Lowest Price $5.57
Highest Price $11.76
Description Panasonic eneloop Rechargeable Batteries are an eco-friendly way to power your devices. These "C" spacers allow you to convert AA-sized cells with ease. They're made of high-impact plastic for extended use and have a larger capacity than most other LSD batteries that are available. These Panasonic BQ-BS2E4SA spacers also have a low self-discharge chemistry which provides a longer shelf life. They're compatible with eneloop's AA batteries and will fit into electronics that require a "C" battery, such as clock radios and baton style flashlights.
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