ROLLIBOT Puro 100 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush Head brand new for $79.99
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eBay has ROLLIBOT Puro 100 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush Head brand new for $79.99

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Name ROLLIBOT Puro 100 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush Head
Brand Rollibot
model PURO100
UPC 856594006603
MSRP $100
Lowest Price $79.99
Highest Price $180
Description Clean on with one of the most powerful portable vacuum cleaners available today! With the Puro 100 lightweight vacuum no cords mean no more problems! Simply clean wherever you want whenever you want. While other vacuums lose suction after their canister becomes full, the Puro small vacuum cleaners cyclone technology provides the same high level of suction no matter how full the canister becomes. No vacuum bags mean no loss of suction! This bagless vacuum has the suction power of 25 AW, comparable to the Dysons V6s Standard Mode, but offers a longer run time and a low noise level of 75dB! Whether you need to clean your cabinet, celling, or even car, the Puro morphs from a floor vacuum to a hand-held vacuum at the touch of a button! The Puro vacuum cleaner also uses multi-level filtration system to target and eliminate debris so that a cleaner house is just a breath away. The Puro 100s motorized brush head comes with up to 180 of rotational ability for easier cleaning. Rather than positioning the motor inside the body of the vacuum, the Puro places a motor directly into the brush head so that it can target debris at its source, and provide greater agitation. The Puro vacuum comes with 5 additional attachments to help you tackle every mess, every time! With a luxurious run time of 28 minutes and a weight of 3-5 lbs., the Puro mini vacuum cleaner weighs nothing and cleans everything! With the Puro lightweight vacuum cleaners, maintenance is a cinch! Unlike other major vacuum brands, the Puro uses a .13 gallon rinsable canister. When youre done, just rinse the canister and even the filter, dry, and charge 5.5 hrs. for the next cleaning session. The Puro vacuum is a cordless 2-in-1 vacuum that helps you get the best kind of clean for your home. Experience pure cleaning with the RolliBot Puro!
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